Author: Billie

  • 5 Reasons REO Property Makes Sense

    Real estate owned property, also called REO, relates to property that the bank has foreclosed upon. These types of REO properties include homes, trailers, condominiums, commercial property and any other kind of real estate that may be subject to foreclose. Bank owned property is real estate that was once financed by the bank but defaulted […]

  • Short Sale Information

    Due to the mortgage crisis of the past couple years, people have been losing their homes at alarming rates. Sometimes when people owe a lot of money to the bank for a home and they cannot afford it, the bank will foreclose on the house. Very simply, if you cannot pay for something, you cannot […]

  • Short Sale Deals, Cashing In On Home Forclosure

    What is short sale? Short sale is basically a form of foreclosure. Short sale foreclosure allows for the owner of the home to sell it for less than they owe on it. Many mortgage companies allow short sales to assist in taking care of owed debts against the home and getting the failing financial agreements […]

  • Relieving the Burden of a Foreclosure with a Short Sale

    Every day hundreds of homes are being foreclosed upon. Homeowners that are facing a potential foreclosure situation may want to look into a potential home short sale deal. A home short sale, or short sale foreclosure, can help homeowners relieve some of the financial burden of a foreclosure. The process involves a bank or financial […]