API Motor Oil Standards

Where to get oil changes

Around 200 million gallons of used oil is dumped improperly every single year, according to the EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency sets API motor oil standards to benefit both consumers and the environment. API standards can be easily found online, and information about the best oil change service is also found easily online as well. In Europe, 50 percent of engine oil is re refined. However, only 10 to 15 percent of engine oil is re refined in America. Api motor oil standards dictate API oil ratings for a number of different uses. It’s advised to get familiar with API motor oil standards, especially if you plan on changing oil alone.

Engines can be destroyed if the improper amount of oil or the wrong oil rating is used. Luckily, people have manuals online and offline that teach people about motor oil to avoid complications with their motor. Low oil levels can cause an engine to run too hot, while too high of an oil level can cause other problems. API motor oil standards are needed to make sure engines have a long lasting life. Recent studies by the EPA state that around 200 million gallons of motor oil are illegally dumped every single year.

People who know API motor oil standards can actually help out the environment by avoiding poor oil disposal practices. Information about how to check oil is also available online. For instance, the proper use of a dipstick and how to read a dipstick is another standard found for API motor oil. Every vehicle on the road requires a certain rating of oil in order to operate efficiently and safe. API motor oil standards also dictate how oil is refined and processed to avoid environmental disasters. Standards also dictate how oil labels should be printed as well.

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