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  • What You Need to Know Before Deciding on a Short Sale

    Short sales reached their highest level in the first quarter of 2012 since 2009. A short sale is a property that sells for less than the balance owing on its mortgage.Short sales can be underwater homes, an apartment building or even vacant land. If there is a mortgage balance that is greater than the market […]

  • How Short Sales Get You Out of Bad Mortgages

    Being underwater in a mortgage is scary for any family. Defined as owing more on a home than what it is worth, an underwater mortgage can create stress that homeowners cannot alleviate. While many families choose foreclosure, a home short sale is often a more practical way to cut losses and regroup. While not perfect, […]

  • Learn How A Home Short Sale Can Help You

    There has been a great deal of press in recent years that highlights the home short sale market. Many people might be wondering exactly what is involved in this type of short sale and if they can take advantage of these types of home sales. For a quick primer to short sale help, read on […]

  • Short Sale Foreclosures

    There are so many different foreclosures taking place right now in America. Due to the economic crisis, the housing market has taken a huge hit and is suffering. Many people are losing their homes and being forced into foreclosure. For many who are put in this uncomfortable place, and do not know what options are […]