SEO Resellers Increasingly Common in Business World

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Where do you turn to settle a friendly, factual argument with a friend or business associate these days? Google is generally the answer. With over one billion Google searches made every day, Google is a widespread phenomenon both in personal and business use, with much of the content and copy provided on web pages coming from SEO reseller services.

Google’s famed PageRank moniker, the system that provides a ranking of the relative importance of a web page, is called that after Larry Page, the CEO of Google. Interestingly, Stanford University, which owns the patent, was paid 1.8 million shares of Google in exchange for use of the PageRank patent, worth $336 million US dollars.

With that much money at stake for SEO programs, it is no wonder that most small businesses, four times as many, are increasing their social media budget, compared to those businesses that are shying away from social media. These small businesses are also beginning to see the point of outsourcing SEO articles as well. A recent survey of 900 advertisers and agencies, that work directly for clients, stated that SEO articles that used to be written within a company are now being written by private label seo services. Companies outsourcing to Seo resellers rose by seven percent in 2011 from 2010, with only 44 percent producing their own articles in 2011, compared to 51 percent in 2010.

And SEO outsourcing is becoming increasingly important and necessary as well, as the analytic tools necessary to evaluate web advertising and seo reseller packages become more sophisticated. With the advent of view through conversion rates, SEO reseller plans have entered a new era. This statistic measures the amount of web viewers who notice a web page, however, they do not end up clicking on an ad directly and immediately, but do follow through at a later point falling within a certain time period.

The ability to resell SEO articles clearly increases efficiency for small businesses, and within the Seo usa world, expect to see small businesses move toward SEO outsourcing at an increasing rate.

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