Going Through Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms Include A Four Fold Risk Of Depression According To An American Journal Of Psychiatry Study

Marijuana addiction treatment

Being a cannabis addict or even spending a small period of time in cannabis addiction may be very harmful to your health, to your career or to your social life. This is why cannabis treatment is offered. Going through cannabis withdrawal symptoms takes a toll on the emotional health of a person who does not know how to quit smoking marijuana. Marijuana withdrawal symptoms are often not as acute as the withdrawal that you will go through if you abuse opiates, alcohol or barbiturates, but the marijuana withdrawal symptoms that you do experience are often just as problematic.

There are users of marijuana that seek treatment for their dependence issues that have attempted to quit, on average, more than six times out of 10 years of use. Clearly, going through marijuana withdrawal symptoms alone is risky. There have been more than 200,000 students denied for financial aid at the college level due to drug convictions, many of which are marijuana related. The U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy estimates that 6,000 Americans use marijuana during their first experience with illegal drugs. While ancient Chinese candidacies were used as a food source and medicinal drug, modern uses of marijuana are more related to recreational intoxication. Many people equate getting high on cannabis with smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol or using pain medication with no prescription, and are not aware of the risks that being a chronic pot smoker carries both personally and professionally.

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